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It’s not that love is born from words, but that love comes from the words that are left.

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Hi! You can call me Anna (or whatever else you want to, really). I live in Florida now, and have been a fan of JE since 2007. Since I've been following JUMP since their debut, they're the kiddos that I usually write fic about, though I'm a fan of pretty much everyone else in the agency.
I love talking to people, so if you wanna talk to me, please go ahead! I'm willing to beta, and while I'm not taking fic requests right now, it is something that I've been thinking about and might do in the future.
I used to write and post fics to the journal ai_ai_gasa2 but it went a little inactive in 2012 and I decided to completely start over. My old fics are still on there, though I'd rather you not read them. You can if you want, but they're things I wrote in middle school, so...yeah. Yikes.
Also! My sister writes super snazzy fanfics too, at ryosukekoibito, so you should definitely check her out.

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